I sat in a meeting last week and we had all come to the table feeling tired, distracted, and trying to beat the post lunch slump.  With that a friend spoke up and suggested it might be good to pray to focus, reflect and centre ourselves.  

It is easy to read the Bible (okay, it’s definitely not, but bear with me)... It’s easier to read the Bible without throwing your hands up in despair or furrowing your brow in confusion, when you know how it ends.

I like to imagine what it would have been like to live just before the arrival of Jesus. It seems impossible to truly do it justice in my head; a time of darkness, despair and calling out to a God who just wasn’t quite ready to make good on his promise.

This Sunday’s Gospel is the beginning of the account of Mark, who begins his version of the story we know so well by quoting Isaiah, who prophesied about John the Baptist — the quirky locust-and-honey-eating Baptizer who foretold the arrival of the Messiah.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent which comes from the Latin word adventus (a translation of the Greek word parousia) which refers to the coming of Christ and can be understood three ways — past, present and future

When we read ‘the kingdom of heaven is like’ it is easy to assume that what follows is an allegory in which one character represents Jesus or God as the King. Perhaps this isn’t always the case.