About the Authors


Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the Church of Ireland chaplain to University College Dublin, producer of The Graveyard Shift Podcast and co-founder of Paradoxology, a prayer space at Electric Picnic. He grew up in Bangladesh and his life has been a series of crazy decisions, odd adventures and bad haircuts. He worked as supermarket-shelf-stocker, pizza chef, video shop attendant and Chinese food delivery driver before he finished Bible college and moved into full-time youth and young adult ministry. He loves Vietnamese food, coffee, writing, Aston Villa and Jesus.

Emma Rothwell 2.jpg

Emma Rothwell

Emma Rothwell works at Wilson’s Hospital School where she is the School Chaplain. She lives in a 250 year old cottage on campus, and probably cares too much about the tiny flower bed she made at the front of it. Emmas recently stepped down from the post of Diocesan Youth and Children's Officer for the Dioceses of Meath and Kildare. Before that, she was a secondary school teacher of Religious Education and English. She loves British panel show comedy, reading, thinking on really long walks, dancing at weddings and talking to you about things you really care about.

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Alex McElwee

Alex is a Dublin-bred student attending University College Dublin for English and Classical Studies. His ideal afternoon involves flying around on two wheels for a couple of hours before going home to read the works of Steinbeck or Hemingway. Come alongside him as he tries to figure out who Jesus is while exploring this life to the best of his ability.

Emily Murtagh 2.jpg

Emily Murtagh

Emily is currently working part-time as a youth worker in Kilkenny having just completed her Masters in Community and Youth Work. Past jobs have included research intern at an ethics council, shop assistant at a florist and chocolatiers, boarding school matron, and Drumcondra test writer; all of which stemmed naturally from her degree in English Literature and World Religions and Theology. She is passionate about tag rugby, proper conversations, dancing, poetry, public transport as a lifestyle choice and seeing people and ideas come together.

Katie Lynch 2.jpeg

Katie Lynch

Katie is an aspiring writer, an eternal intern, and a passionate Jesus-Feminist. With a Master’s in International Development and a Bachelors in Sociology and French, she is qualified for ... making lattes and pulling pints (skills that she has put to great use). She recently returned to Dublin after time away working in New York and studying in Edinburgh. Katie loves being back in Ireland, but loves leaving again on adventures. Her perfect day includes: reading the Irish Times over coffee, swimming in the sea, good food with great friends, and ending the day with a film and a glass of wine.  

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Phil King

Phil resides in sunny Southern California, having moved from Dublin to pursue a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary. Before this, he worked as a business consultant after graduating from Maynooth University (where most of his library time comprised reading anything theological or philosophical). Phil is passionate about the local church, and wants to encourage and develop deep, theological foundations for the conversations and life in the church. When not writing another paper for class, he can be found expanding his whiskey and coffee palette, composing prayer poems, travelling around a small percentage of the U.S., or engaging in another deep life conversation over a pint or two.

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Christina Evans

Christina is a music and religious education teacher who was recently made chaplain in East Glendalough School in county Wicklow. She is currently working on an MA in Chaplaincy Studies at Dublin City University in between episodes of The Good Place and the Great British Bake Off.

Past Writers

Ferg Breen

Ferg Breen is married with two kids and is a counsellor, psychotherapist, lecturer and pastor in Dublin. He also performs motivational seminars inspired solely by the work of David Brent. He love to question, to think, to be understood, to listen to people's stories and to explore the character of God. And to laugh ... a lot. He also loves music, sport, good books and good food.

Susie Keegan

Susie Keegan is a font nerd ... honestly. If you use 'Comic Sans' in the wrong context you will know her wrath .... in the most gracious way.  First and foremost, she is a creative. She's a graphic designer and lover of all things visual, which results in her being a collector of children's and pop-up books much to the amusement and dismay of her husband, Paul, who is an avid comic book reader and lover of computer games. She worked as a youth worker and university chaplain for many years before she recently was appointed as the Diocesan Youth Officer for Dublin & Glendalough. She also works with Scott Evans doing the tent design for Paradoxology.  Being an author on this blog has really pushed her out of her comfort zone and she is very happy to be part of this community.